About The Author

Elana ReiserElana Reiser grew up on Long Island. She has a BA and MA in mathematics from Binghamton University and an Ed.D. in mathematics education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Elana has taught math at St. Joseph’s College on Long Island since 2003. However, Elana didn’t always want to be a teacher. When she was six she was taking a walk with her dad and he asked what she wanted to do when she grew up. She said that she wanted to marry a rich lawyer with a bad heart.

Elana’s latest ebook is available on Amazon

3D Printing in the K-12 Mathematics Classroom: A Beginner’s Guide for Teachers

This book is for math teachers with little to no experience with 3D printing who would like to incorporate it into their classroom. Included are reasons why 3D printing is useful in a classroom, logistics of how 3D printing works, example activities for all grade levels, and ways for teachers to think of their own lessons.